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Our platform is designed to bring the control back to the business and make online reputation success simple! By partnering with us you will gain access to a set of tools unmatched in our industry. According to a recent study, up to 92% of online shoppers check online ratings prior to completing a purchase. At estoreinfo we value customers’ feedback, however, we believe that customers’ feedback alone cannot provide a complete and accurate representation of your business. Instead, we utilize a more sophisticated approach to evaluating your business using an unbiased set of metrics.   It is known that unsatisfied customers make sure their voices are heard! While at the same time, many satisfied customers stay quiet. Our Platform offers help to unsatisfied customers while encouraging satisfied customers to spread the word.
When integrating with eStoreinfo.com, your full company profile will be shared with customers including an interactive key performance indicators. Your profile will include information such as site images, number of employees, business performance, years in business and much more. Our proven experience indicates that provided with this data potential customers are far more likely to complete a purchase.
Finally, partnering with us, collecting reviews, and enjoying our basic plan functionalities is completely FREE!.         Register

e-Store Info Metrics

Measure your business operation and customer service performance. E-store Info collects and calculates unbiased performance data to provide an objective image of your company. Our algorithm accounts for traffic,order processing volume, quality of products and services.

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Web Extension & E-store Seal

Our Web Extension is meant to provide potential customers with a better image of your company. It will help your business display more accurate customer service performance metrics.Once our performance standards are met you will be able to post our best-in-class e-merchant Seal.

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Profile Management

Gain full control over the most essential pieces of information concerning your company's size and operation.

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CRM Tools

Benefit from powerful platform allowing communication and customer related problem resolution center. Gain important insight on your customers' overall satisfaction rates using our survey services.

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Customer Reviews

Encourage your customers to post reviews with preset invitations. Create representative accounts & respond to reviews publicly.

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Reporting & Support

Get instant notification for every new feedback posted on your company's profile. Report policy violating reviews.

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Deals & Promotions

Use your company's profile page as a promotional tool by posting daily deals, special offers, coupons and more.

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Traffic Growth

Generate traffic and increase conversion rates with our affiliated program allowing you to submit deals on our main Deals page.

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Expert Review

A unique service designed to deliver professional view on the business examined, beyond what can be achieved with simple consumer reviews.

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Adding e-store’s Trust Mark is free and simple, simply complete a registration form. Once your site passes quality check, permission will be granted and the trust mark will display on your site.

Download our web extension and benefit from business insights instantly. Provide your customers with more transparent image of your company by displaying your performance metrics on your company's profile. Guarantee your place on our featured and trusted list of merchants.

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