What is e-Storinfo?

e-Storeinfo is a one stop business reputation, reviews and marketing solution.

How to Register My Company?

Creating your company’s profile on our platform is smooth, simple and completely Free! Simply logon and begin completing the information.

Why Integrate with e-Storeinfo?

By integrating with us you will be able to showcase your company’s true performance figures to your customers’ audience. This will provide your customers with the sufficient confident to complete a transaction.

When evaluating a company/ online merchant e-store info uses a combination of edvanced performence based algorithms as well as customers' reviews to come up with the most accurate result. We at estore info value customer's reviews but also take a deeper look at the business overall function and numbers to evaluate it.
You may post a review on a company you purchased a product/service simply by searching that company's profile, clicking on the "Leave a Review" link and loging in. Please note that posting a evaluating a company you did not have business with is against e-storeinfo's policy.
Our website keeps searching for the most recent deals and promotions offered by our trusted stores and delivers them to you instantly.
e-store info provide you with the option to contact and resolve the issue you are experiencing through our resolution center. To start, simply place a review and offer the merchant an option to fix the issue you are facing.
As apposed to other e-commerce rating sites, e-store info's ratings are a result of a various of factors including a variety of crucial business metrics. In addition we utilize a set of techniques to prevent fraud reviews. Any fraudulent evaluations are removed.

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