Weider 2980 X Home Gym System with 214 lbs. of Total Resistance

80 Lb. Vinyl Weight Stack Control your workout intensity Accommodate users of varying fitness levels 214 Lb. Total Resistance Thanks to an innovative pulley system, select workout stations can offer up to 214 pounds of total resistance Build muscle across your entire body with this comprehensive home-gym system Multi-Grip Chest Press Station Increase your upper body push strength Address the major muscle groups in your chest and arms Chest Fly Station Designed to isolate and strengthen pectoral muscles Integrated Leg Developer Address key muscles in your lower body Leg extensions tone your quads and can help improve your squat Integrated Preacher Curl Pad Perform a bicep curl with proper form to isolate your muscle peak and build strength Exercise Chart Included Enjoy step-by-step instructions to add variety to your workout Designed by a certified personal trainer 300 Lb. Total Weight Capacity 90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty See www.iconservice.com for more information Footprint 76" H x 37" W x 65" L Model #: WESY19318

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  • Brand: Weider
  • Model: WESY19318
  • Color: RedBlack