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Our expert team of professional reviewers is committed to provide a thorough, detailed and complete expert review of the most popular online merchants.
An expert review explores many areas of practice and focuses on what differentiates each business within its industry. Reviewers are experienced individuals collected from various industries and are specialized in e-commerce business models

Josef Bagdadi - Electronics & Technology -

Formerly Sales and Marketing director at a midsize online retailer. Currently senior reviewer of the electronics industry.

Elana Reiter - Furniture & Home Improvements -

Specializes in the home improvements industry. Has an experience of 4 years as a buyer of a major deals site.

Albert Levine - Office Products & Supplies -

Editor and reviewer at e-store info.

Tema Silinsky - Director, Sales & Marketing -

With 5 years of experience in a major online Digital Marketing.


Detailed and professionally written e-tailers reviews
A unique service designed to deliver professional view on the business examined, beyond what can be achieved with simple consumer reviews.
The review covers various aspects of the business including: financials, customer service, shopping experience, employment opportunities and a final recommendation.

Founded on 2004 by former CEO Matt Rutledge, WOOT! is considered one of the earliest and most popular “one deal” online retailers. Its business strategy was built on focus, hype and differentiation despite the competitive e-commerce conditions. This agenda led Woot’s founders to employ the “one-deal-a-day” notion as their business model. This model created the focus needed for offering aggressive deals with up to 70% in savings for the end consumer. Read More..

thumb Joseph Bagdadi
Electronics industry, E-store Inc.

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. and subsidiaries (“BBB”) operates a chain of retail stores under the names Bed Bath & Beyond in the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as, World Market, Cost Plus World Market, Christmas Tree Shops, and That!, Harmon, Harmon Face Values and buybuy BABY in the United States. The Company is also a partner in a joint venture, which operates retail stores in Mexico under the name Bed Bath & Beyond. Read More..

thumb Elana Reiter
Home improvements, E-store Inc.