VIZIO 32" 5.1 Channel Soundbar System - SB3251n-E0

VIZIO 32" 5.1 Channel Soundbar System - SB3251n-E0

Key Features:

  • 32" 5.1 Sound Bar System for 39"+ Class TV
  • Enjoy 98 dB of room filling, crystal clear sound to transform your home theater experience. Sound Pressure Level measured using pink noise at 1 meter, C-weighted. Total harmonic distortion calculated as electrical measurement of amplifier distortion.
  • Add true surround sound to your living room with the included wireless subwoofer for rich and powerful bass, and rear satellite speakers. Range approximately 60 feet line of sight from sound bar
  • Built-in Bluetooth lets you stream music from your mobile device in high quality. Wirelessly steam music from your smartphone or tablet!
  • Easy set up - all audio cables included: HDMI Cable, Optical Digital Cable, RCA Cables for Satellite Speakers, RCA to 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • Connections: 1XHDMI (ARC), 1X Optical (Toslink), 1x 3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack, 1x USB (for .WAV Audio Playback)
  • Dimensions:
    1. Soundbar: 32"W x 3.0"H X 3.0"D
    2. Subwoofer 8.3" W X 9.1" H x 8.3" D
    3. Rear Satellite Speakers (each): 3.0"W x 6.0"H x 3.0"D
  • Speaker Size
    1. Sound Bar (Left/Right/Center): 2.0" X 3.7"
    2. Subwoofer: 5.0"
    3. Rear Satellite Speakers: 2.2"
    4. Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 98dB

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  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Model: SB3251N-E0